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Whimsical Tropical Prints and Motifs for Every Room in Your Home

The classic tropical print has been used in interior decor for decades, ever since Hollywood decorator Don Loper put it on the walls at the Fountain Coffee Room in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Seventy-five years later and tropical prints turn up on everything, from club chairs to Dolce & Gabbana dresses, proving that tropical prints aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, they are constantly reimagined to add interest and whimsy wherever you choose to use them.

Keep It Fun and Frivolous

Tropical decor is all about having fun and maintaining a feeling that you are always on vacation. The mood is relaxed, so it's important to avoid getting too fancy and keep the vibe a bit calm. You should be able to completely relax.

Tommy Bahama Mangrove Side Chairs

Tropical patterns are happy motifs, and when used delicately on the seat of Mangrove Side Chairs by Tommy Bahama add a touch of sophistication to the decor. The playful palm trees on the upholstery set the tone for intimate gatherings, while the combination of neutral materials and textures make the chairs perfect for formal or casual dining.

Tommy Bahama Bali Hai Glen Isle chairs

Keep It Bright and Breezy

Combining natural elements such as bamboo, jute, wicker or linen with bright colors, light fabrics, and botanical patterns creates an overall bright and breezy vibe in keeping with this decorating style. A pair of Bali Hai Glen Isle chairs brightens up the living room with exuberant island style. These chairs are an easy way to work in a little of the tropical resort feel. They feature all the elements required: leather-wrapped, bent rattan, woven wicker, and bright tropical upholstery.

Tommy Bahama Pritchards Bay Panel Bed

Keep It Subdued and Subtle

Subdued and subtle are not words you usually associate with tropical prints. It may surprise you to know that it can be done. In this instance, the Pritchards Bay Panel Bed brings in a tropical influence with its leather-wrapped rattan inspired decorative lattice and woven raffia panels. The pillows use prints with subdued tropical colors that bring to mind a storm coming in over St. Martin and golden sunlight that follows in the aftermath. It's like the calm after the storm.

Keep It Unusual and Unexpected

Whimsical tropical prints are often used in unexpected areas of the home that will benefit from a little cheerful color, such as hallways, bathrooms, and home offices. Decorating with tropical prints may seem intimidating on the surface, but with a little experimentation you can find the level of tropical-inspired decor that matches your interior style.

If you are interested in adding some tropical flair to your home decor, visit the Baer's Furniture store near you and ask to speak to an in-house design professional.

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