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Nautical Decor with Coastal Style Furniture

Crisp, classic nautical decor will never go out of style. The clean lines and soothing color palette allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere in any room. Beach-inspired textiles, accessories that evoke the sea, and simple coastal furniture all remind you that the ocean is just a stone's throw away. Nautical kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, and even great rooms are easy to decorate by applying some key elements in your home's decor.

nautical dining room set

Take a New Look at Nautical Stripes

If navy blue stripes are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nautical style, you're not that far off the mark. Classy blue and white stripes are the hallmark of nautical home decor. However, a fresh take on this principle turns nautical style on its head. Try painting the walls navy and the woodwork white. Bring in white nautical furniture, such as the Sandcastle Dining Set by Hooker furniture and add a striped rug in a shade of coral to support the nautical theme and add a pop of unexpected color.

The distressed finish on the coastal style furniture and the brass light fixture put a fresh spin on nautical style. The style is further enhanced by botanical prints and the woven seagrass back on the slipper chairs and the head and foot of the table.

driftwood coffee table

Coastal Family Room

Nautical decor can be full of subtle symmetry and texture that give a sense of order to this multifunctional family room. In this room, the coastal-style furniture, natural fiber rug, and accessories hint at the nautical theme. The Driftwood Flats Coffee Table from Stanley Furniture evokes long walks on the beach and adds a sentimental touch to your home's design.

The almost neutral palette consisting of shades of sand contrasts with the dark wood flooring. Accessories such as a giant starfish and shells add another touch of subtle nautical style.

Nautical Decor Accessories

Nautical accessories include starfish, turtles, maps, shells, corals, and stars. Use these with a light hand on prints, patterns on pillows, and on curio shelves. Too many elements will make the room seem overworked and overdone. Pick just a few elements instead of throwing them all in at the same time. Create a focal point with a gallery wall of nautical prints or framed maps. Use navy striped bed linens and natural fiber area rugs. There are many ways to add a touch of nautical to your home decor.

If you want to add some subtle nautical style to your home, check out the entire collection of coastal-style furniture at a Baer's Furniture store near you.

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