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5 Ways to Use Leather Furniture in Tropical Home Decor

Strong and durable, leather is a popular choice for furniture in any style. It is easy to maintain and it's distinct character evolves over the years. There's nothing like the luxurious feeling of sitting on a leather sofa.

However, leather furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing pieces for tropical home decor. If you love leather furniture and want a tropical vibe in your home, don't despair. Here are a few ways to incorporate leather furniture into your tropical home decor.

Kalahari Steamer Trunk by Thoedore Alexander

Choose an Interesting Piece of Furniture for Added Interest

Add a small piece of furniture, such as a trunk, to your family room or bedroom decor to up the tropical. well-traveled vibe, such as the Kalahari Steamer Trunk by Thoedore Alexander. Inspired by the luggage of the Golden Age of Travel, this trunk brings an exotic vibe into your space.

Add Throws and Pillows for Tropical Flair

Another easy way to up the tropical vibes of your leather furniture is to add pillows and throws in bright tropical patterns. This works especially well on darker leather couches, sofas, and chairs, as the dark color provides a perfect foil for bright blues, greens, oranges, and pinks. Just as a white background will make colors pop, so will a darker brown or black one. Be sure to maintain continuity with patterns of different sizes by choosing ones with similar colors so that they go together but aren't too matchy-matchy.

Natuzzi Editions Stationary Sofa

Keep It Light and Breezy

A light leather sofa or couch gives you a canvas that you can change at will. The Natuzzi Editions Stationary Sofa brings a fresh, new look to your decor. Add fresh green paint on the walls and botanical prints and your room will have a subtle tropical feel. If you want a stronger vibe, add some brightly colored throw pillows and beach-y accessories such as a glass jar filled with shells. The bare windows, another hallmark of tropical decor, let in plenty of sunshine and help keep the look light.

Add Little Tropical Touches to Create a British Colonial Style

If your leather sofa is more traditional in style, a few tropical touches will give you a classic British Colonial style. This classic decorating theme draws from the days of the British Empire, and is a subset of tropical decor. It combines traditionally styled furniture with the exotic materials and motifs of the many tropical countries colonized by Great Britain in centuries gone by. Use tropical touches such as a small potted palm tree, orchid prints or paintings on the walls, and botanical print pillows and throws against fresh, crisp white walls.

Rum Runner Game/Desk Chair by Sligh

Add a Bamboo and Leather Chair

Combining tropical materials such as bamboo and rattan with leather is another great way to bring a tropical feel into any room. The Rum Runner Game/Desk Chair by Sligh, with supple chestnut brown leather, ensures comfort and style, while the tropical styling spices up an informal dining room, office, game room, or family room. The aged brass burnished castors make it the perfect mobile occasional chair that you can easily shift from place to place as needed.

If you are looking for ways to use leather furniture in your tropical home decor, visit the Baer's Furniture store near you and talk to one of our in-house design professionals.

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