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Interior Design to Highlight Your High-End Leather Sofa

Trends come and go, but if you want to create a timeless home with an aesthetic that lasts, look no further than a beautiful leather couch. There’s truly nothing like a high-end leather sofa for comfort, style, and durability. Leather is timeless, enhanced by the fact that it gets better with age.

Leather is also an extremely versatile material that can be used in many different spaces. The right piece will age gracefully, very much like your favorite pair of boots or leather jacket. That’s the secret of leather furniture: its beauty lies in the way it ages with you and your family, and gradually becomes an heirloom.

leather living room group

Lighten Up a Leather Sectional

Leather sectionals tend to be dark, so the easiest way to balance that out is to create contrast by surrounding your leather sofa with plenty of light. A paler color on the walls, a lighter area rug, and blond wood floors as well as tons of natural light accomplish just that.

The best thing about sectionals is that they are roomy and comfortable and can seat a lot of people. They are the perfect spot for lounging, napping, and T.V. watching. So, when you are working with a piece like the Bradley Leather Sectional, you can easily fit it into any decor. The light walls and area rug do two things: they make the look cohesive and they highlight the beauty of the piece.

Build Layers around Your Leather Sofa

When you want your leather sofa to take center stage, you may be tempted to set it off by itself. It seems like the right thing to do, but in fact, this will make your room seem unbalanced. Take the focus off the leather sofa by layering other furnishings in the room.

This includes coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, side chairs, and bookshelves. You can also sprinkle in some unique accessories such as globes, pieces of pottery, candles, and desk clocks. Your room will look more pleasing if your pride and joy – you leather couch – is surrounded by other pieces of furniture as supporting players.

Alternatively, you can layer the sofa itself. Pillows and throws are great for adding contrast and comfort. Use light pillows if your couch is dark, and darker pillows if it is light. You can also add a little extra flair by incorporating colors, patterns, and textures. Keep in mind that a room with no patterns can look one-dimensional, so this is a good time to add patterns to your decor. Just be careful not to get too crazy. If you add too many pillows, you’ll have no place to sit.

leather living room group

Think about Your Lighting

Every star needs good lighting, and your leather sofa is no different. Although there’s just something so alluring about a dark brown or black leather sofa, dark furniture can make a room seem gloomy. If you are not careful, your dark leather sofa will soak up all the light in the space.

If your room has tons of natural light in the daytime, you’re ahead of the game. (Just be sure to keep your sofa out of direct sunlight.) Above, you can see how the textured walls and bright light show off the Natuzzi Editions reclining sofa. This sofa with customized motion lets you stop the recliner at whatever position suits you best.

Adding mirrors can increase the light in the space. That’s great during the daytime hours. However, at night you’ll need plenty of adjustable lighting. Taller lamps with transparent shades provide a room with plenty of ambient light.

Pay Attention to Your Walls

One way to create a cohesive space that shows off all your decor is to use the space on your walls wisely. Framed pictures, mirrors, shelves, and lighting fixtures are all solid options, as in a gallery wall that incorporates all of these elements. Whatever you choose, be creative and show off your personality. Humans prefer uneven layouts, odd numbers, and multiple points of contrast, even if they don’t realize it. So while you may be tempted to default to a symmetrical design, this may make your space look plain and inorganic.

leather living room group

Add Contrast on the Floor

Another way to balance your space it to add contrast and layers to the floor. Without enough contrast, your lovely leather furniture will be lost in the look instead of standing out. Hardwood floors and plush area rugs provide textured backdrops for your leather furniture.

If you have hardwood or dark carpeting, you can add a lighter rug to create contrast with the leather sofa and also add texture to the space. Here you can see how the medium brown leather sofa by Natuzzi is in danger of blending in with the wood flooring. By adding a lighter area rug, you not only highlight the sofa but also bring texture into the space. Also consider using low-lying accents, baskets for storage, magazine racks, and poufs for additional seating and added interest.

You don’t have to use all these tips to create the space you want, but one of them might provide the ideal solution to your particular design challenge. If you are looking for the perfect leather sofa and how to add it to your home decor, talk to one of our in-house design professionals.

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