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Florida Style Furniture That Will Make You Feel Like You Are at the Beach

Tropical decor, coastal chic, or Key West style: Florida-style furniture by any other name would still evoke the casual living and beach-side feel inspired by the Sunshine State. Done right, this style will give you a feeling of casual, breezy seaside living without overdoing it with beach-y paraphernalia.

The style highlights casual furniture made with natural materials, tons of natural light (if possible), a color palette inspired by the ocean, sparkle in the form of mirrors and glass, and natural elements such as seashells or pieces of coral. Interested? Let’s play.

florida inspired living room group

Coastal Palettes Inspired by the Sea

Picking the right colors will instantly transform your home (just add water). You’ll feel like you are in a relaxed, coastal environment. The sky, ocean, and sand supply the inspiration for this palette. Colors include neutrals such as the weathered gray of driftwood, warm soft sands, crisp whites reminiscent of sand dollars and sailboat canvas, soft greens drawn from kelp and beach grass, blues and aquas that reflect the sea as well as the steel gray of storm clouds and nautical navy blue. Pops of citrus colors brighten the look.

The Bali Hai Shoreline Sofa from Tommy Bahama Home lets you immerse yourself in the casual comfort of Florida-style furniture. The palette of blues, greens, and whites above evokes sun and sea, and the neutral rug brings in the element of sand. The fern leaf carvings on the sofa adds an element of playfulness. One of the great things about Tommy Bahama furniture is that pieces from different collections go really well together, allowing you to create an eclectic Florida style.

Let There Be Light – and a Lot of It

This decor style celebrates beautiful views and natural light. A multitude of windows that let in natural light is not uncommon in Florida homes. Window treatments are airy, simple, and light. You won’t find a beach house that is dark and gloomy. Above you can see the light streaming in through the window with natural-material shades. This keeps the casual, beach side feel but gives you a little privacy and relief from the strong sun when needed.

florida inspired living room group

Natural Fibers and Casual Florida-Style Furniture

Florida-style furniture is as far from stuffy and ostentatious as you can get. Casual and comfortable rules the day. But you don’t have to sacrifice style. Look for natural fibers such as rattan, wicker, cane, or sea grass for furniture pieces. Jute, sea grass, sisal and even knotted wool make great floor coverings in Florida decor.

Stylish and comfortable, the Twin Palms Seagate Sofa from Tommy Bahama Home features handcrafted rattan latticework and woven panel that are the epitome of Florida style. The exposed frame design shows a little bit of the bright fabric from all angles. Simple crisp, clean, light lines make the look work. A few hand-painted, distressed accent pieces can add character to the style.

Wood Works, Too

You may not think of wood details in Florida decor, but it works well if kept in a light finish. Bead board wainscoting, paint white, and white washed walls also work with light wood floors. A few darker wood furniture pieces can add heft to a room otherwise filled with light tones. This can also move you into a more transitional Florida style that still has a beach-y feel. Notice how the bright, white walls make the coral furniture pop in the room featured above.

Accessories from the Sea

Accessories add the finishing touches to your style. Look for small shells you can display in a glass bowl, or a large statement shell, piece of coral, or piece of driftwood. Prints depicting sea life are good choices for the walls, and a nautical print on a pillow here and there is also a nice touch without overpowering the space. Remember: decorate with what you love and you will love your space.

If you are interested in creating a Florida-style retreat in your home, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you and ask to speak with one of our in-house designers. It’s free.

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