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What to Look for in Leather Furniture

There’s a reason why the leather sofa becomes the piece of furniture the kids call dibs on.

Many people fall in love with leather furniture because of its durability and stunning good looks. When purchasing durable leather furniture for your home, there’s a lot to consider before you buy. These are some questions to get you started in the consideration process:

  • Where can you find quality leather furniture?
  • What room will it go in?
  • Will it need to withstand pets and/or kids?
  • Are you looking for a statement piece?
  • Will leather furniture go with the style of your home?

It’s essential to consider these questions before you start shopping so that you know exactly what you want when you head to the furniture store. It’s equally important to shop at a trusted furniture store with knowledgeable salespeople who can tell you everything you need to know about quality leather.

Look for Different Styles of Leather Furniture

A lot of shoppers first impressions are of the look of a piece of furniture before they know anything about it. Or, they know they want leather but are not sure if they can find durable leather furniture to match their style.

The good news is that leather furniture comes in all types of styles and that almost any style of leather furniture will work in any dècor. It’s a win-win for leather lovers.

Here are some things to look for in leather furniture styles:

  • The low profile and long lines of this Barclay Butera Leather Sectional fit well in contemporary spaces but can be softened with accessories to match a more traditional style.
Barclay Butera Leather Sectional
  • Alternatively, the traditional style of the Universal Duncan Sofa works with a contemporary coffee table and casual wicker basket, giving the room a carefully curated and collected feel.
Universal Duncan Sofa
  • Leather takes on another dimension when mixed with fabric upholstery, as it is in the Tommy Bahama Edwards Side Chair. This stunning mix creates a dynamic contrast.
Tommy Bahama Edwards Side Chair

These are just a few examples of how leather furniture fits with any dècor or style. You can easily freshen up the style of a durable leather couch with decorative toss pillows, plus a throw draped over the arm or back, and other accessories that dress up or dress down the mood in the room.

Go Beyond by Knowing the Difference between "Real" and "Fake" Leather

For many people, one of the most intimidating things about shopping for leather furniture is knowing the difference between real leather and fake leather. With today’s manufacturing processes, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference, and even real leather varies in quality.

At Baer's Furniture, you’ll find two types of leather furniture: grain leather and leather match. When shopping for grain leather, look for terms such as top grain, full-grain, aniline leather, and 100% genuine leather. In addition to being luxuriously beautiful, leather is also durable and generally scratch resistant. As your leather furniture ages, it develops a warm patina that enhances its appeal.

Leather match furniture uses part leather and part vinyl, mainly in pieces with motion, such as recliners. The parts where your body touches are made of leather, while the backs and sides where the motion takes place are color-matched vinyl. Look for terms such as leather match or leather/vinyl. Leather match looks and feels like 100% leather but is less expensive. However, the vinyl parts can scratch, tear, and wear more easily than leather.

For a quick cheat sheet on the pros and cons of leather and leather match, check out our leather buying guide. Visit the Baer's Furniture showroom near you to see a wide variety of leather furniture and speak with a salesperson who can answer all your questions.