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Fresh Ideas for Modern Florida Beach House Dècor (No Fish Required)

Florida beach house style is a modern take on classic coastal cottage, with vivid, eye-catching interiors that blend playful surf dècor with sleek furniture.

What defines the Florida beach house?

Blues and whites reflect the ocean-inspired vibe and create the perfect backdrop for a contemporary, relaxed space. It is the perfect motif if you love bright, breezy atmosphere and want to come home to a tropical retreat at the end of each day.

This "always-on vacation" mood is what makes the style so Florida. The best part? You can make the dècor as unique as you are. Here's how to turn your home into a Florida Beach House, no fish required.

Start with Florida Beach House Furniture

Start your transformation with classic furniture pieces that bring an overarching style into your home. Find subtle hints that nod toward mid-century Florida and reference your ocean inspiration.


Choose pieces such as this elegant buffet with sandblasted, textured glass doors and a cool color palette with a tidal wave design. The wave pattern is reminiscent of water moved by ocean currents, and glows when styled with interior lighting.

To top off a beachy-buffet like this one, rather than a vase full of tiny shells, try a large piece of driftwood that makes a stunning statement.

Soothing Colors in Muted Tones

Beach houses are known for making people feel relaxed, and your Florida beach house style should do exactly that.

Stepping into your home should make you feel as though you are stepping into your vacation. You can create this feeling by using some color psychology tips.

Start with a neutral but not monochromatic color palette that references the beach.


This means sandy beiges, off-whites, and soft grays to create an inviting and soothing atmosphere. Pastel hues mix with gray on this classic plantation shutter bed. The seashell white finish is the perfect way to bring laid-back Florida Beach House style into the space.

Simplified Layouts Are Best

Old-fashioned coastal style calls for heavily filled rooms, while Florida Beach House style features a simplified layout.

A minimalist room setting can really make a difference in the style of your home. In a simplified layout, the furniture will be especially important. By keeping accessories to a minimum, you reduce clutter and make your furniture stand out, so it can be the real focus of the room.

Layer in Some Textures

One of the most important things about the Florida Beach House style is the feel of it – literally.

It is a tactile style. From feeling sand between the toes to gentle breezes to bright sunlight, you want to recreate sensations as best you can.

You can do this by layering textures such as woven rugs, clay pottery, and driftwood ornaments that tell a texture-based story. These textures should be visually obvious but soft and comforting, so mix in plush cushions, throw pillows, and luxurious blankets.

Blend Modern and Traditional

Accessories are the finishing touches to any design. In Florida Beach House design, you can sprinkle in a few accent pieces that you would typically find in a beach house, but you can also mix things up with the unexpected. Incorporate modern elements such as trendy lamps or statement pieces of furniture to give the space a quirky twist. The key is to keep the focus on the beach.


For example, this fused-glass topped coffee table mimics the look of ocean glass washed ashore on a tropical beach, but also echoes a more modern, unusual approach to the style. To make this kind of statement with less commitment, try smaller accessories such as specimen coral or geometric-patterned pillows.

Don't Go All Nautical

The last piece of advice is to not get too carried away with beach house clichès. This means back away from seashell shower curtains and starfish or fish-themed wallpaper...

Instead, go with subtle touches that reference the beach in a bright, breezy way. If you want to bring in a touch of coastal elegance, focus on the small details. For example, rather than covering your room in fish netting, use a small piece of it as a curtain tie-back.

If you are interested in adding a Florida Beach House vibe to your home, contact one of our in-house designers and take advantage of our free interior design service.