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How to Dress Up Your Leather Sofa

Love your leather sofa and want to make it shine in your design? These tips will get you started and spark your creativity.

Few pieces of furniture make a bigger statement than a leather sofa. You usually see them in dark rich neutral browns, lovely light greys, and pristine white. But no matter the color, a leather couch or leather sectional instantly levels up the style of any room and adds a sense of visual weight.

But because leather sofas have such a strong presence, they can sometimes overshadow everything else in a room and make it appear out of balance. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right styling, a leather sofa can take its rightful place as the foundation piece of the room and make the space warm and inviting. The design style key? Create a softer look through the other elements in the room.

When it comes to styling your leather sofa, think about how you would put together an outfit. Layer in solid, complementary colors with eye-catching patterns. But don’t try to hide your leather sofa. Embrace it and let it be the center of your design, with its luxurious vibe shining through.

Here are some ways you can celebrate your leather sofa and make it more of a star than it is already.

Mix in Pattern and Color

Most traditional style leather furniture features neutral colors — brown leather sofas, oxblood leather accent chair, etc. — so you can easily change the look of your room by adding different tones and accent colors.

Add pillows, throws, and accessories to bring in visual interest using textiles with tons of texture or rich colors and patterns. The look will be more seamless and cohesive if you repeat shades throughout the room.

You can also mix solids with patterns to create color layers. This works best if you choose a pattern that incorporates other hues in the room, such as the color of the wall or an upholstered chair.

Bernhardt Candace Sofa with Transitional Elegance

Below, the wavy, flowing pattern of the cushions features the pretty cream color of the Bernhardt Candace Sofa with Transitional Elegance and mixes in several shades of gray. Then, the next set of pillows pulls a gray out of the patterned pillow and uses it in a solid color with a subtle tone-on-tone pattern that gives it depth. The trick is to use similar shades so that the room looks effortlessly on-trend. Take a step back and make minor adjustments to get the look just right.

Throw It Down

If the sofa is left bare, the extended leather surface may throw off the balance of the room. Adding a throw is a tried-and-true way to warm up a sofa and introduce texture into the room. Adding some softness will help create a more friendly, inviting space. To make sure this looks relaxed rather than sloppy, rearrange your throw frequently. This will also work on a leather chair.

Natuzzi Editions Biagio

Bright colors are not always the answer. A pair of Natuzzi Editions Biagio Contemporary 2-Seat Sofa with Tufted Back and Pillow Arms and the matching Natuzzi Editions Biagio Contemporary Chair are the foundation of this room’s look. The green throw blanket casually draped across the leather upholstery of the caramel leather lounger brings in a bit of color and texture without looking like it is working too hard. The gray throw pillows help soften the look and make the large furniture more approachable.

It’s the subtle touches that make this room work. The beige rug with hints of brown and the creamy walls lock in a warm color scheme. The leather furniture still grabs attention, but these soft, warm touches make the room comfortable and relatable.

Coordinate Your Pieces

This is where everything comes together. Use the two techniques above to pull the entire room together. You don’t have to lean on pillows and throws alone to bring in texture and contrast. A leather sofa and chair that go together create a cohesive colorway. Adding a chair with a texture and pattern takes the entire look to the next level. Each piece can stand alone, but together they are much more than the sum of their parts.

Natuzzi Editions Wessex Collection

The Natuzzi Editions Wessex Collection illustrates this look. Done right, as it is here, the room looks cohesive but not overly matchy-matchy. The stitched diamond pleating on the chair adds interest, the pillows on the sofa soften the look, and the throw on the ottoman warms it up. This beautiful leather furniture works with the colors in the area rug and the patterned wood flooring to keep this contemporary design from feeling sterile.

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