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The Advantages of Aniline Leather, Top-Grain Leather, and Leather-Match

New to the world of leather furniture? Learn about the different types of leather, and decide which is right for your home.

When selecting your new genuine leather furniture, you may have questions regarding the different types of real leather and what it all means. You definitely want to choose something that's going to last a long time, that looks nice in your home, and of course, something that's comfortable. To choose the piece of leather furniture that best meets your family's needs, it's important to understand the differences between the various types and the key features of each, as well as the pros and cons.

brown leather sofas

Our design experts are here to break it all down for you. That's because here at Baer's Furniture, we're more than just a retailer. We're a true design and d?cor partner. Since we're family-owned ourselves, we understand the importance of getting the very best furniture and leather seating to create an inviting home for your loved ones.

Keep reading to learn more about aniline leather, top-grain leather, and leather-match furniture.

What Is Aniline Leather?

If you're new to the world of home furnishings and design, you may be wondering "what is aniline leather?" Aniline leather is a particularly soft, natural type of real leather made from Napa hides that is colored using soluble dyes to create a beautiful pigmented leather. It's famous for feeling the most luxurious and having an elegant appearance.

The treatment process for aniline leather really brings out the natural characteristics of the hide. Elements such as natural markings, scars, and wrinkles are particularly visible when this process is complete. There are several varieties of aniline leather, including full-aniline and semi-aniline leather.

Is Aniline Leather Furniture Right for Me?

Aniline leather may be right for your home furnishing needs if you're looking for something that is very top-of-the-line and showcases the natural grain of high-quality leather. However, there are a few drawbacks to this type of furniture despite the high standard of leather qualities that are present in these pieces. If you have kids or pets, it may not be right for you. That's because while it is certainly the softest and most sophisticated, it's also the most easily scratched and damaged.

Full-aniline leather is much more easily damaged than its semi-aniline counterpart, which has a light protective topcoat added during the manufacturing process. Additionally, if you're looking for leather furniture that appears free of visual imperfections with natural variations, aniline is not for you. While the distressed markings on aniline are markings of high-quality, real cowhide, the look is not for everyone. If you prefer leather furniture that's 100% uniform in appearance, another type of leather may be best.

What Is Top-Grain Leather?

Top-grain leather is the second highest-quality type of real leather furniture available on the market. The very top layer of leather on these hides is buffed, sanded, or shaved off to remove any of the visual imperfections that may be present with aniline leather. This process creates a look that's more pristine and perfect, without the apparent scars and markings.

grey leather sofa

Many luxury goods use top-grain leather. Think of the finest designer purses or leather shoes. These leather pieces are likely to use top-grain leather as it appears uniform yet beautiful and posh, just like your favorite leather sofa. There are no imperfections or blemishes with this type of leather.

Is Top-Grain Leather Furniture Right for Me?

One of the most significant advantages of top-grain leather furniture is that it's more affordable compared to aniline and more durable as well. If you take care of this type of leather furniture properly, a piece can last you 10 to 15 years, even with regular wear and tear.

Top-grain leather furniture is fairly easy to maintain and develops a unique appearance over time as it ages beautifully. It takes on an elegant yet weathered look and is extremely comfortable and soft. This type of leather is less likely to scratch compared to aniline, so it's more practical for those with children or pets.

What Is Leather-Match?

Another one of the most common types of leather furniture is leather-match. Leather-match furniture is designed using both top-grain leather and polyurethane elements. It's very popular for seating pieces such as club chairs due to its durability and price point.

brown leather club chair

Many pieces of leather furniture that use leather-match have top-grain for the seating portion and use polyurethane for components such as the backing or sides. Leather-match is popular on items such as recliners and sofas as it combines the natural product of real leather with man-made elements.

Is Leather-Match Right for Me?

Leather-match furniture may be right for your family if you're looking for all the beauty and elegance of luxurious real leather seating without the cost. Since all the portions of the seating that come into contact with your body utilize top-grain leather, you get all the comfort of the highest-quality pieces.

Additionally, natural leather-match is easy to care for and is a particularly durable leather that is long-lasting and looks just like 100% genuine leather.

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If you're in the market for new genuine leather furniture, stop by your closest Baer's Furniture location or schedule an appointment to meet privately with a design specialist today. We'll help you turn your house into a home with the furniture of your dreams. Today, there are many different leather options available when considering interior design. The quality of leather furniture has never been better and many types of leather can be both stylish and practical.

Additionally, we'll take the time to speak with you to get to know your needs so that we can help you find furniture that uses leather types best suited for your living space. Come on in to Baer's Furniture. With thousands of items in-stock and ready to ship, you're bound to find your next favorite piece of leather furniture today.