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Create a Relaxing Oasis with Easy, Breezy, Tropical Interior Ideas

Does your home make you feel more stressed than relaxed? Do you yearn for a trip to a tropical oasis?

It may not be possible to visit a tropical oasis at the drop of a hat, but that doesn't mean you can't mimic an atmosphere that recreates the serenity you crave!

Give yourself a change of scenery without leaving home with these tropical interior ideas.

Quick Tips to Create the Atmosphere

  • Bring the outdoors in — plants clean the air, improve your mood, and enhance your focus. Place plants throughout your home to bring in a little feeling of your ideal vacation.
  • Find the natural light — there's no substitute for sunlight to create a balanced and peaceful space. Replace heavy drapes with sheers to let in as much light as possible.
  • Use color mindfully — neutral tones make a space feel tranquil, while color is the hallmark of tropical style. Balancing these two elements gives you a bright, breezy look that both soothes and energizes.

Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Breezy Resort

Picture the most comfortable and sumptuous hotel room you have ever stayed in. What were the most enjoyable elements of the space? Was it the tropical-style furniture? The luxurious sheets? The sitting area near the bed?

You can easily incorporate these tropical interior ideas into your master bedroom to make it feel like you live in a resort.

tommy bahama bed

Start with a platform bed with cool, clean lines and crisp white sheets to get that resort vibe. High thread-count sheets and plenty of pillows paired with the low profile of the Tommy Bahama Home Ocean Club Queen-Size Paradise Point Bed gives the master bedroom a relaxed and inviting look. The warm wood frame in a geometric pattern with woven rattan panels makes a stunning statement.

Set up a seating area where you can relax, read a book, and drink your morning coffee. Not only does this area give the feeling of being at a resort, but it is also practical — it's a comfortable place to put on your shoes or plan your outfit for the following day.

Multifunction Living Room Tropical Design Ideas


A living room is by its very nature a multifunctional space. It's a place for you to relax and watch TV, but it's also a place where you often entertain family and friends. With a few tweaks, you can transport yourself, your family, and your guests to a resort-like destination.

island inspired living room

In this island-inspired living room, hues such as whites, greens, yellows, and oranges reflect a tropical setting. Plants, rattan side tables, and woven lamps bring the look together. The Tommy Bahama Home Bali Hai Capri Square Glass Top Cocktail Table features a braided motif along the edge and pencil rattan legs, supporting the tropical feel of the room. Personalize the space by framing past vacation photos and create a gallery wall.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Think of the master bathroom as an oasis within an oasis — a place where you can make self-care a priority. All you need are a few touches to transform your bathroom into a tropical getaway.

Think candles with tropical fragrances such as coconut, frangipani, bergamot, and other exotic floral or fruity blends. Add large plush, thirsty bath towels, and glass canisters for bath salts. Bring in houseplants for a restful and calming atmosphere. The bathroom is also a great place to display seashells and other finds from your favorite vacation spot without going overboard.

Using these tropical interior ideas can help turn your home into a relaxing oasis that embraces you at the end of each day. If you'd like more ideas for how to transform your home, contact Baer's Furniture and speak with one of our in-house interior design professionals.