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Leather Furniture to Liven up a Small Living Room

Decorating a small living room can be a challenge, but there are many ways you can maximize your space and make an impact. If you want to give your small space big style, a leather sofa can do the job. Although leather furniture pieces have the reputation of being big, bulky, scene-stealers, that isn’t necessarily the case. When you're working with limited space, every piece you choose makes an impact, and nothing makes an impact more than the perfect leather sofa.

Leather Furniture Dimensions vs. Room Size

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a leather sofa is how much space you really have. Sofas vary in size, from the standard 6-8 feet (72-96 inches) from end to end to the smaller, apartment or loveseat size of 4-6 feet (48-72 inches). So, as with any space you're designing, measure carefully and determine what size you need.

white leather sofa

This Natuzzi Editions Zeno Contemporary Sofa (above) measures 86 inches, which is on the smaller end of the standard leather sofa size and is also a good option for a small living room. If the sofa will be your only source of seating, going bigger is a good option. Many furniture brands offer pieces in more than one size, so if you see one you like that is bigger (or smaller) than the space you have, it's worth inquiring to see if there are other size options in the same style.

Keep the Clutter Out of Sight

When you have a smaller space, it seems to get cluttered pretty quickly. As you measure your space, keep in mind how much furniture - and storage - you need, and plan accordingly. Measuring your floor space is the best way to make sure you choose the right size and amount of furniture to fill the room. Multi-functional pieces work well in small spaces, so look for ottomans and tables that give you additional storage.

white leather sofa

Make a Statement with Color

Adding a classic white leather sofa or loveseat such as the Natuzzi Ediions Contemporary love seat is a stylish way to add warmth and vibrancy to your small living room. The fluffy white rugs adds a sense of fun in the room, and the dark throws adds all-important contrast. This small space has impact and is appealing to the eye. This loveseat is also available in a larger size and in fabric options.

Accessorize Wisely in Your Small Space

Accessories make any space look polished and a small space is no exception. The only difference is that you have to be especially careful in your choices. The right area rug can either make a room more neutral or complement the color of your leather sofa. Choose tables that are leggy, as shown above, to create the illusion of more open space. A glass top table with a metal base is another good choice. The glass will highlight the open space while the metal base will add visual texture to the room.

A carefully curated collection is a great way to bring your personality to the room, but be wary of letting the space become overly cluttered. Group similar objects on the coffee table and pack away any that you're not using. You can always switch them out whenever you want to give the room a refresh.

If you're looking for a leather sofa to fit in your small living room, visit a Baer's Furniture showroom near you. Ask one of our in-house design professionalsto help you find the perfect furniture for your home.

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