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Mixing a Leather Sofa with Fabric Upholstery Pieces

Mixing leather sofas with fabric upholstery pieces may seem tricky at first, but it can turn out to be an exciting design option. Mixing different upholstery options is one of the distinguishing features of eclectic design. The secret is to let your room take shape holistically by choosing lighting, accessories, window treatments, and flooring that create a dynamic and unified look.

brown living room group

Choose Color Combinations that Keep the Space Balanced

Use throw pillows, area rugs, and accessories to keep a central color scheme in the space. Similar and complementary colors will create a cohesive, balanced look. Textiles and patterns can also add interest so that even a neutral color palette won’t look one-dimensional or boring. Above, the Kilimanjaro Riverside Sofa from Tommy Bahama creates a beautiful centerpiece in the space. A pair of upholstered Kilimanjaro Bishop Chairs complement the sofa, and the animal print on the ottoman adds a touch of whimsy. Throughout, the coordinating colors on the throw pillows, lamps, side tables, and area rug pull the look together.

Consider the Shape of Your Leather Sofa

How well your mix and match of leather and upholstery pieces work will depend somewhat on their shapes. A big, overstuffed, dark leather sofa will look awkward facing a minimalist mid-century modern chair upholstered in periwinkle blue. It will, however, go well with a pair of substantial upholstered chairs that complement its size and balance the room.

leather sofa with living room group

Choose Walls and Rugs That Enhance Your Look

Choose walls and floors that enhance the look. A wall color that contrasts with your sofa but matches your chairs will throw the room off balance. Instead, select a neutral color, such as off-white, cream, or beige, that highlights the entire room rather than one piece of furniture. Area rugs can unify a space by adding color, pattern, and texture, or conversely, by creating a neutral canvas.

The Oyster Bay Ashton Sofa from Lexington is perfectly balanced by the dimensions of the upholstered chair. The nailhead trim detailing exposed wooden legs on both pieces signal that they belong together. The glass-top coffee table brings in a contemporary element and the area rug and stonework statement wall pull the leather and fabric upholstery pieces together.

Window Treatments Add the Finishing Touch

Window treatments are a great way to introduce more texture and color into a space. In the room above, the window treatments add enough subtle color and pattern to show off the furniture pieces without clashing with the stonework wall.

Now that you have these basics at your fingertips, mix and match away!

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