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How Often Should You Buy New Furniture?

There are many reasons to buy new furniture. The most important, underlying reason is that furniture forms the backdrop of our lives. The type of furniture we use often changes as we go through the big and small changes in life.

We use furniture for sitting, sleeping, storage, and more. But our need for furniture goes beyond the practical. We also express our sense of style with our furniture. As our life’s needs and circumstances change, so does our furniture style.

Here are some life changes that call for buying furniture.

tropical living room

When You Move or Remodel Your Home

When you move or remodel your house, your old furniture may not feel right or even fit in the new space. If you move far from where you used to live, your furniture may not be proper for the new climate. For instance, if you move from the north to sunny Florida, you may find that your dark, heavy furniture is out of place in your new climate. The Tommy Bahama Beach House Collection showcases new designs for every room in your home. Its designs encompass an eclectic mix of coastal and Caribbean styling that lets you immerse yourself in casual comfort.

modern cabinet with tv storage

When You Get New Electronics

Purchasing new electronics can be a big event. It can also mean that you need a new place to house your new TV. It is important to place your TV on a stand or cabinet that is meant to support its weight and prevent it from tipping over, such as the Ariana Sanremo Cabinet from Lexington. In addition to being sturdy enough to hold your TV, a new media cabinet will have plenty of space for media storage and provide easy access to your media components. And when you don’t want the TV to take center stage, it can easily be tucked out of sight so that it will be out of mind.

When Your Furniture is Worn Out

As much as you may love it, your furniture won’t last forever. Just like everything else, your furnishings have a lifespan. It’s easy to know when you need to replace the milk in your refrigerator or the makeup on your dresser. How do you know when to replace the decor in your home? How often should you buy new furniture?

Frequent usage, abuse from pets and children, and accidents all take their toll on even the most well-built furniture. Eventually, you will just have to let that old furniture go. For instance, sofas generally last 5-10 years, depending use and the quality of the furniture. Leather furniture lasts much longer and mattresses last 5-10 years.

tropical home office

When You Set Up a Home Office

Working from home can save time on commuting, but you still need a work environment where you can be productive. Depending on the requirements of your work, your home office can be as simple as a seat at the dining room table or in its own separate room with a desk, chair, and sitting area for clients. Your home office can also reflect your style. The Paradise Isle Writing Desk by Sligh brings style and organization to your home office. With two drawers, one large file drawer, and a drop down front perfect for a laptop, this desk gives you plenty of storage.

Personal Style, Taste, and Comfort

Furniture can be age or need specific. You may find that you need a sofa with more back support or a shallower seat. You may need a pull-out bed to accommodate guests or a table with an extra leaf for entertaining.

Sometimes you just need to rearrange your furniture and add some new accessories to create a new look for your home. Of course, broken or ripped pieces should be changed out – there’s shabby chic, and then there’s just shabby. If you need advice on new furniture for your home, contact the Baer’s Furniture near you and talk to one of our in-house design professionals.

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