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5 Tips for Making an Open Floor Plan Feel Cozier

An open floor plan home can feel a bit cold and clinical, but there are ways to make it seem warm and inviting. Follow these tips for a cozy living space.

brown leather sectional with gold coffee table

Spaces with an open floor plan can feel a bit cold and clinical, but that doesn't have to be the case. By strategically placing furniture and incorporating the right home decor, your open floor plan can feel warm, inviting, and cozy. Our design experts weigh in on how to accomplish this goal for a living space that truly brings people together.

Follow these five tips for creating a cozy space when arranging furniture and home accents in your open floor concept living space and feel the difference.

1) Use Warm Lighting

One of the biggest complaints people have about open floor concepts is that they feel "cold." One of the best solutions for this is to bring in plenty of warm lighting and to choose the right light sources for your room. Natural light is important, but finding the right supplemental lighting is essential as well.

Place stylish table lamps on either side of the couch for lighting that is both purposeful and inviting. You may also want to add some candles on decorative pillars for added style and warmth. Candles are great because they don't take up much space and are relatively inexpensive yet still appear luxurious and create a cozy feel in any space. Be sure not to block the natural light that shines in from windows with large furniture pieces or thick drapes.

When it comes to overhead lighting and light fixtures, choose bulbs that may have a more yellow hue instead of the cool-colored light bulbs that are featured so often today. Lighting plays a big part in cozy living, and you'll be astonished at the difference it makes in your home.

2) Section Off the Spaces

When looking at how to make an open floor plan cozier, it's important to create defined spaces within the home. Make sure that there's a specific spot where the living room ends and the eating area begins, for example. You can accomplish this by using the backs of sectional sofas as an end point. Many people like to add an accent table behind the sofa as well.

For the ultimate cozy living space, you may want to choose furniture with rounded edges and plush fabrics instead of sleek straight lines.

3) Create Spaces That Encourage Togetherness

Another excellent way to make an open floor plan feel more inviting and to foster a sense of togetherness is to strategically place seating in a way that makes people feel connected when they're in your space. For example, place sofas and loveseats facing each other in the living room. Create a tight-knit feel in the breakfast nook by using a smaller round dining table with only as many chairs as you need. Another option is to add barstools surrounding the kitchen island for one more place that people can get together to share a meal or chat.

4) Add a Personal Touch

It's your home, and it's important to make it feel like your very own with a few cozy touches. Set your space apart from the countless other open floor plans with a very special personal touch. This can mean placing family photos or keepsakes from meaningful events and vacations around the room, proudly displayed on built-in bookshelves, TV stands and media cabinets, and wall shelves.

Or, get crafty and start creating your own DIY d?cor. It will serve as an excellent talking point when guests enter your home and will give you a feeling of pride and sentimental nostalgia. Create your own bouquets of fresh flowers to place on coffee tables and counters or bring in your favorite indoor potted plants.

5) Choose a Warm Color Palette

Choosing a warm color palette for your open floor plan can really make a difference, instead of sticking with stark white walls and neutral d?cor. Go for furniture like leather seating in a rich brown or espresso color, warm-colored area rugs that feature deep reds and golds, and even bold accent colors like a darker color eggplant or a sunny yellow. Stay away from colors like bright white, cool blue, or gray that can make a room feel more sterile and less cozy.

However, this doesn't mean that you necessarily have to cover your walls in such a bold color to create an intimate space. Instead, you can bring in the use of home accents like fluffy pillows on the couch, strategically placed blankets and cozy throws, or placemats at the kitchen table as pops of color. Choose one cohesive color scheme for the entire space to avoid looking mismatched and cluttered.

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