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What’s Your Shore Style: Nautical, Tropical, or Coastal?

There are many styles that evoke seaside living, and why not? One of the fastest growing design trends, shore-based design is reaching farther and farther inland. It’s not hard to fall in love with this decorating style, since it evokes fun-filled days at the beach, casual evening entertaining, and summertime, when the living is easy.

There are different types of shore-based styles but they all have a few similarities, such as a predominance of ocean hues, natural fabrics and materials, and a love of natural light. There are also some differences that make each style unique.

nautical style bedroom

Nautical Style Evokes a Seaside Getaway

Decorating with a nautical theme can make your home feel like a seaside getaway. Navy and white stripes are the hallmark of nautical style – no bright pinks or lime greens. Navy and white stripes look great on walls, area rugs, throw pillows, and curtains, but choose only one. Too much of even a simple pattern can overwhelm a room. Neatly displayed seashells and nautical prints emphasize the nautical theme and a few nautical accent pieces will bring it home.

Like sand between your toes, nautical style is relaxed and charming. Classic traditional furniture with a lightly distressed white, such as the Sandcastle Queen Wood Panel Bed from Hooker Furniture adds vintage appeal. The mix of natural materials and intricate detailing creates an atmosphere of effortless elegance. Bright prints and a vase full of sunflowers add just the right amount of color.

tropical style living room

Tropical Style for a Destination Resort-Inspired Home

Tropical patterns and motifs give tropical style its lush detail. The tropical palette mimics colors found in tropical foliage such as neutral ivory, beige, and brown as well as shades of blues and greens. You can choose muted shades of sage and olive with vibrant greens to add texture. Or, if you prefer, spice it up with the warm reds, corals, oranges, and yellows often found in exotic flowers.

White walls form the backdrop for a vibrant palette of corals and greens, evoking the fresh, salty smell of morning waves and the chorus of brightly colored birds. Rattan, crushed bamboo, and woven raffia give this style its laid-back appeal and fun tropical prints liven up the space. The Twin Palms Seagate Sofa from Tommy Bahama features a leather-wrapped rattan frame that offers comfort and style. These pieces can easily turn your home into a destination resort that you can relax in all year long.

coastal style bedroom

Coastal Style for a Beach-Inspired Home

Inspired by the ocean, coastal style pairs traditional fabrics with beachy accessories that make you immediately think beach or beach house. The look is sophisticated and crisp, with a perfectly distinct palette of neutrals, whites, and blues. Fresh flowers and botanical prints bring in hints of color. Accessories include shells, pieces of coral, coastal art all carefully curated to evoke an unfussy, sophisticated feel.

Light and breezy, coastal style furniture features easy-going pieces that evoke cozy cottages. Organic, natural, clean lines and heavy distressing with muted grain-baring finishes bring to mind long walks on the beach and nightly bonfires. The Coastal Living Resort collection from Stanley Furniture blends warm cottage love with modern sophistication to create the laid-back casual feel that is a hallmark of coastal style.

Whatever shore style you like – nautical, tropical, or coastal – you can find the perfect piece to complement your decor at a Bear’s Furniture showroom near you. Whether you want one piece or an entire home redesign, one of our in-house designers can help you find tropical-style furniture that will achieve the look you want.