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Bring the Tropical Paradise of the Caribbean to Your Home

Everyone enjoys a space where they can relax, sip on a tropical drink or flavored iced tea, and retreat from the cares of the outside world.

And in that vein, many people associate relaxation with the carefree vibes of the Caribbean. Even if you can’t run off to the tropics for a few days or anywhere else relaxing any time soon, you can make your home into a tropical Caribbean paradise with just a few tweaks and careful touches.

Add Caribbean Furniture for a Tropical Feel

Chic Caribbean furniture goes with whatever furniture you already have in your home but can add a fun tropical feel. For example, a rattan bar cart brings forth images of a vintage tropical resort and makes serving tropical drinks easy and convenient. A charming, functional accent piece, you can roll it outside for cocktail hour on the patio and move it back into its original place.

Bar Cart

Wallpaper and Accent Walls

Wallpapering or painting an accent wall is one of the best ways to bring tropical feels into a space.

So, if you want to create a Caribbean paradise, adding the right wallpaper is key.

There are easily thousands of tropical-themed wallpaper patterns available, so pick the one that speaks to you the most. Big tropical leaves, playful pineapples, or colorful flowers are all good options to create this vibe.

When you relax and sip on something fruity, you’ll certainly feel like you are in paradise.

If patterned wallpaper isn’t your thing, try painting an accent wall in one of the saturated jewel tones that are currently quite popular. Rich emerald green, stormy dark gray, or bright citrus colors are good choices.

Another reason to choose paint over wallpaper is the type of furniture you have in your space. A bold wallpaper print may clash with prints on your upholstery; if that’s the case, choose a dark color that will highlight the furniture you love.

Botanical Prints on Accessories

If you don’t want to go with wallpaper or paint, that’s okay. Choose some botanical prints for accessories, such as throw pillows and framed art.

This is another area where you can choose subtle or bold, depending on your style. If you’re not into toning things down, choose vibrant pillows with exotic birds and colorful blooms. On a neutral sofa, they’ll stand out without overpowering the room.

Add a Mirror with Tropical Flair

Adding a mirror is a tried-and-true designer trick for bringing in light and creating a focal point.

The intricate frame on this tropical mirror features a carved palm frond motif that perfectly embodies Caribbean style. You can hang it vertically or horizontally over a sofa table or console, in your entryway or dining room, to give these spaces a fresh new look.


Bring in the Scents of the Tropics

Scents create memories that trigger strong emotions and can instantly transport you to another place and time. To evoke the tropics, choose orange, pineapple, and mango with a touch of wood or grass as a base. These delicious scents will immediately conjure up an island ambiance.

Display Some Tropical Fruit

While you are relaxing in your new Caribbean-inspired space, why not add some tropical fruit to complete the look? Take advantage of Florida’s bounty of tropical fruit such as all types of citrus, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, star fruit, and more.

There’s no limit on your choices here, so go crazy and enjoy.