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Transform Your Space with Mirrors

Have you ever entered a room and been struck by how put together or beautiful it looked? Have you thought to yourself: “Why don’t the rooms in my home look like that?”The perfect shade on the walls, perfectly complemented by the drapery, and the perfect finishing touches. One of those finishing touches is a perfectly placed mirror.

Entryway console table with mirror accent

Use a Mirror in Your Entryway

A mirror in the entryway is a surprising decorating do. It sets the tone for your home. If your space is small, it can expand the entryway and add instant brightness. In addition, a mirror can be used to create the suggestion of an entryway if you don't have one.

Paired with a console table, the stunning quatrefoil and diamond pattern on the Ivory Key Paget Mirror by Tommy Bahama brings life to your entryway. The whimsical yet symmetrical shape creates an abundance of style in any space.

Include a Mirror on Your Gallery Wall

You can give this resurging decor trend an update by adding a mirror or two to the mix. This will instantly lighten the appearance of a room. To pull off this eclectic look, choose small mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

Contemporary Dining Room

Use a Mirror in Your Dining Room

A decorative mirror in the dining room not only brings in light and gives you the illusion of more space, it is a sophisticated conversation piece. The remarkable hand-forged contemporary metal design of the the Shadow Play Studio Metal Mirror by Lexington is the perfect finishing touch to your dining room decor. It reflects light to cast a soft glow over the room and takes the entire room to the next level.

Add a Mirror to your Bathroom

An extra bathroom mirror can completely change your morning routine. If you have a small bathroom, you can create the illusion of more space by adding a mirror opposite your vanity mirror. This is a fresh way to brighten the bathroom. In addition, it gives your bathroom a salon-like feel and makes it easier to see the blind spot on the back of your head.

Add More Reflective Light Whenever Possible

While adding mirrors can keep your home from feeling small and dark by reflecting light into your space, be mindful of how you use them. Too many mirrors can give your home the look of a funhouse at the local fair rather than a chic, elegant home that people love to visit. Do hang a mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light or a few feet behind a pendant light or chandelier to magnify the light in the room. Don't hang more than one large mirror, this can make the space seem awkwardly bright.

Use a Group of Mirrors for Visual Interest

Instead of one large mirror, make a strong statement by grouping several smaller mirrors together. Make sure their frames are the same color. Putting them together on the same wall will give you an organized feeling that isn't too cluttered.

Many of us have preconceived ideas about where to hang a mirror: over the dresser in the bedroom, in the entryway, and of course, over the bathroom vanity. But you don't have to stop there. A thoughtfully placed mirror can bring in more light, alter a view, open up a space, and add some practicality that you might not have realized you were missing. Try one of these ideas and see what it does to your space.

If you are interested in adding some mirrors to your interior decor but don't know where to start, visit the Baer's Furniture store near you and ask to speak to one of our in-house design professionals today.

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