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Best Home Furnishings Shannon Queen Sofa Sleeper - Item Number: S14QE-22148
Queen Sofa Sleepr by Best Home Furnishings
Shown in:
Wings Bordeaux 22148Blue Ridge Pewter 18021Blue Ridge Pewter 18021Blue Ridge Navy 18022Blue Ridge Navy 18022Blue Ridge Red 18028Blue Ridge Red 18028Blue Ridge Gold 18029Blue Ridge Gold 18029Sage 19951Sage 19951Delft 19952Delft 19952Espresso 19953Espresso 19953Café 19956Café 19956Wine 19958Wine 19958Fawn 19959Fawn 19959Aqua 20021Aqua 20021Sky 20022Sky 20022Flax 20025Flax 20025Walnut 20026Walnut 20026Ivory 20027Ivory 20027Mauve 20028BMauve 20028BVineyard 20028Vineyard 20028Putty 20029Putty 20029Sequoia 20061Sequoia 20061Ennis Lime 20131Ennis Lime 20131Ennis Aqua 20132Ennis Aqua 20132Ennis Orangeade 20134Ennis Orangeade 20134Ennis Chocolate 20136Ennis Chocolate 20136Ennis Ivory 20137Ennis Ivory 20137Ennis Orchid 20138BEnnis Orchid 20138BEnnis Tomato 20138CEnnis Tomato 20138CEnnis Coffee 20139Ennis Coffee 20139Cornell Moss 20571Cornell Moss 20571Cornell Navy 20572Cornell Navy 20572Cornell Platinum 20573Cornell Platinum 20573Cornell Cocoa 20576Cornell Cocoa 20576Cornell Sangria 20578Cornell 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Best Home Furnishings Shannon Queen Sofa Sleepr

Sku: S14QE
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We've Got You Covered: Hundreds of Fabric Covers Available to Order

Color, pattern, texture. Whatever your preferences and room design needs, we've got an upholstery fabric that works for you. Come into the store to see and touch the hundreds of fabric options in person before you make your final decision on your custom sofa or chair covering. Hand-picked by you, custom made for you.

Sleeper Mattress Sets You Up For an Effortless Guest Room

Create a guest room in minutes right in your living room with a sofa fitted with a sleeper mattress. A sleeper mattress allows you to convert your sofa to a bed for your friends or family members to use when staying overnight in your home while saving space when you don’t need it. Invite guests to sleep in your home instead of making other arrangements allowing you to make family holidays or reunions with friends more fun.

Quicker Custom: Get Your Customized Chair Home as Soon as Possible

We'll specially make a sofa or chair in the fabrics you want, and get it to you faster than those other suppliers. We're always working to reduce lead times and bring the product to to your home faster, usually in as few as 21 days. Check with the store to find a lead time adjusted for your location.

Quality Construction

These durable frames are made from triple-doweled hardwoods, glued, screwed, and corner-blocked to extend the life of your upholstered furniture.

Sink into Luxurious Cushions

This brand was tested to have a softer, plusher seat feel than even the big name brands. High density polyurethane foam is wrapped in high-loft polyester fiber, creating a soft but durable cushion. These cushions will provide you with years of that brand-new feel.

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Shannon Queen Sofa Sleeper

Transitional in styling •Available with either a queen, full or twin bed (queen & full are 2 seats) •Semi-attached, smooth banded and corded back •Smooth, rolled arm accented with cording •Reversible, banded and corded seat cushion •Square legs

The Shannon Queen Sofa Sleepr by Best Home Furnishings at Baer's Furniture in the Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Naples, Miami, Florida area. Product availability may vary. Contact us for the most current availability on this product.


Item & Dimensions
ManufacturerBest Home Furnishings
Width (side to side)76" W
Depth (front to back)36" D
Height (bottom to top)36" H
Arm Height25"
Seat Depth20"
Seat Height19"
Seat Width58.5"
Fabric & Upholstery
Custom OptionsCustom Fabrics or Leathers
Style Elements
Arm TypeRolled Arm
ArmSmooth, Rolled Arm accented with cording.
Back TypeSemi-Attached Back
Seat BackSemi-Attached Back
SeatReversible Seat Cushion
Leg or SkirtSquare legs in distressed pecan or Espresso finish
Construction & Warranty
Frame ConstructionDoweled, Corner Blocked, Glued and Screwed Multiple processes, occasionally including truss plates, ensure solid, long-lasting joints.
Seat SupportSuperior Spring Construction Sinuous wire springs are cross-wired to prevent sagging. Srping clips are coated with polypropylene to prevent squeaks.
Padding & ErgonomicsHigh-Density Foam/High-Loft Premium Polyester Cushioning Plushest, most comfortable seat in the industry.
OriginMade In the USA

Best Home Furnishings Shannon Description

The sofa is the signature piece of your home. Select a sofa, and you'll enjoy the ideal match for your decor, personality and way of life. Best sofas are synonymous with quality construction, unmatched comfort and trendy styling. Choose from an extensive selection of custom fabrics, wood finishes and accent pillows. So take a seat, you'll be comforted knowing a Best sofa will be the perfect signature piece for you.Shannon sofa's feature a twin, full or sofa sleeper to offer a versatile seat in your home.

The Shannon collection is a great option if you are looking for Casual furniture in the Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Naples, Miami, Florida area.

Collection Details

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Smooth, Rolled Arm & Squared Legs.

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Reference #: S14QE
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