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What To Expect When Working With A Baer's Designer

At Baer's, we have a team of over 40 highly trained designers to help you turn your house into a home that provides you with an environment that supports your lifestyle and reflects your personal taste and preferences.

We offer our design services on a complimentary basis to our customers. We want to make sure you have an outstanding experience with our design team and don't want you to ake any decisions until you feel they are right for you.

Here is what you can expect when working with a Baer's designer:

An intitial consultation where you will be asked by your Baer's designer all about your vision for your home, the architectural details of your home itself(floors, walls, ceilings, views, finishes,doors, windows, traffic patterns, etc.) and how you need and, most importantly, would like to function in your home. They will also ask you questions regarding your timing for having your home completed, how much you were thinking of investing-now and in the future and who will be involved in the decision making process.

Once they have a thorough understanding of your situation, they will make an appointment to come out to your home for an in-home visit and, at the same time, they will make an appointment for your return presentation visit to the store.

If you would prefer to work only in the store off of blueprints or accurate floor plans, they would be happy to work with you that way, too. We've found that most of our customers like having our design professionals come to their home, but it is not necessary in order to have their assistance.

If you invite a Baer's design professional to come to your home, we will:

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Bring out any samples of fabric or finishes that you may have already pre-selected in the store so you can see how they look with what you already own and in your own lighting conditions.
  3. Walk through and take measurements of all the rooms that we will be designing for you-including measurements for window treatments, flooring, painting, etc. if those are services that you will also be needing. Baer's offers a turn-key design solution and can take of almost every aspect of designing and ordering everything you may need for your home.
  4. We will take digital pictures of your room so we can remember unusual features, existing colors, furniture items, etc. that you have in your home.
  5. We will talk over with you all of your needs for the room and make on-site suggestions for you.
  6. Once we are done, we will bring all of the information back to our offices, and pull together an entire presentation for you. Your room will be drawn in accurate scale and we will select, based on your imput, furniture, fabrics, finishes, window treatments, floor coverings, accessories, etc. that we feel best represent the look and feeling that you are seeking to create for your home.
  7. If you are satisfied, we will proceed to write up your order, take an intitial deposit, and begin the process of turning your vision into reality.
  8. We will follow the progress of your special order items and make sure that you get timely updates re: delivery progress.
  9. If there are multiple items, we will come out with our in-house delivery team to make sure that your new furniture, accessories, area rugs, window treatments, etc. are installed and placed correctly and to your satisfaction.
  10. If there are any delivery issues, we will make sure to resolve them with you in a timely manner and work with our customer service department to make sure that you are kept in the information loop in a way that pleases you.
  11. Once you are completely satisfied, we will continue to work with you to make sure you are kept informed of new pieces that arrive in Baer's showrooms that would complement your home and continue to enhance and bring beauty to your life.

Since we offer all of these services on a complimentary basis, all we ask in return is that you are committed to buying your furniture from Baer's. We always strive to provide you with excellence in everything we do and also have a low price guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

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