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Area Rugs Make The Room

At Baer's, we sell area rugs for every room of your home. Our designers would love to show you how to select a rug for your existing decor and overall lifestyle.

The very foundation for a better, more stylish room starts with the rug you select. The right design, color and texture tie all the surrounding elements together. A rug helps pull every element of the room together, bringing style, polish and warmth to your home.

Natural Looking Rug Grey Wall and Rug with Matching Accent Color

An area rug may provide the springboard for your entire color scheme or quietly accent the rest of a room’s furnishings. While searching for the rug that’s right for you, keep these guidelines in mind:

To make a rug the focal point of a room, create contrast. Paint your walls a hue that echoes one of your rug’s accent colors.

When shopping for a room-size rug: In the dining room, you should be able to pull out all chairs and the chair legs remain on the area rug. Some hardwood floor should be showing on each side. Likewise, runner rugs should be a few inches narrower and shorter than the hallway. In the living room, at minimum, front legs of furniture should be on the area rug. If possible it is preferable to have all legs on the rug to create a pulled together and professional look. Avoid area rug edges and corners in major traffic flow areas for safety.

If your rug anchors a conversation area, be sure that either the front legs of all seating pieces are on the rug or all four legs of all seating pieces are completely on the rug.

Be sure to use the proper liner to keep your rug from slipping on a hardwood surface or “creeping” on a wall-to-wall carpet.

Trend Update:

Here are some of the latest trends:

Statement Makers

A popular trend for rugs these days is the runway inspired “statement makers.” It will not matter whether it has a bold color, uncommon texture, high quality material, and even quirky patterns. The rugs serve more than just function, as this can also be an object of art in any room.

Most designs today are centered on tropical and floral themes, oriental designs, and even the traditional Persian rugs with updated looks and colors.

Color and Texture Updates

A major shift for rug trends is toward layered colors as well as soft texture on rugs. A combination of patterns as well as texture will always be a popular option, as this will minimize soil as well as vacuum marks on rugs. However, the foremost advantage of this would be that color as well as texture actually offers a more distinctive fashion and styling appeal.

Woven Patterns

Another trend in rugs today is the utilization of natural and organic look. This trend is especially strong when it comes to having sustainable and green living theme. The materials typically used include silk, sisal, hemp, yarn, and plant fibers.

Baer’s designers can help you select a fabulous rug that is in stock or we can completely custom design one using colors and materials specifically chosen to compliment your room's design theme. We can custom design an area rug in any size and any shape. You can even "see" the rug on a custom computerized rendering before you purchase it.

Our selection is unparalleled in Florida, with customer service second to none. Every facet of the rug buying experience at Baer’s, from the way we sell to the service and consultation we provide, is designed to make the experience of choosing an area rug for your home or business a pleasurable, memorable and deeply satisfying experience.

Colorful Tropical Rugs Tropical Rug

Find out how an area rug may provide the springboard for your room's entire color scheme, Let our designers know all of your needs during your initial meeting so they can suggest the combination and solution that is right for you now.

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