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Baer's Sales Philosophy

At Baer's, we recognize that our customers have needs for differing levels of service. When you walk into a Baer's store, you will always be greeted by a trained, professional sales consultant. They will be happy to let you browse at your leisure and, when you're ready, answer specific questions you may have about pieces that interest you. We never want you to feel any pressure. It our goal to make sure you feel comfortable, well taken care of and at home. When you're ready, they will guide you through the buying process and make sure that your furniture is delivered in a timely manner.

If, at any time during your visit with us, you feel that it would be helpful for you to have the services of a professional designer, please ask your sales consultant to introduce you to one of our trained staff designers.

We offer professional design services and consultation on a complimentary basis at Baer's and have over 40 design professionals available to help you throughout our stores.

Baer's excels in providing you with a team of highly qualified, experienced designers who will help you with every aspect of making sure that your home reflects your unique personal style. A place of beauty, elegance and comfort-designed to delight you every time you come home. A place that supports the needs of you and your family members. We listen well so that when your home is complete, you feel as if you've lived there forever.

Our team of designers, several of whom have been helping Baer's customers for over 15 years,will make sure that you get exactly what you want. Our designers also recognize that many people don't know exactly what they want and need someone who will guide them through the process without being pushy so that they will have time to reflect and make sure that their choices are the right ones for their lifestyle. At Baer's our goal is to make sure that each and every one of our customers comes away completely satisfied with their shopping experience.

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