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Blu-Tek™ Mattresses by Kingsdown

Most foam mattresses on the market today share the same critical flaw: they trap body heat within the mattress, making for a less comfortable sleep experience. These mattresses are made with technology that is 25 years old, with little attention to improve the product so you can have a better night's sleep. Cool Support Technology™ is the result of a scientific quest for cooler sleep. These mattresses are designed with channel-cut ProSupport™ layers, edge support with pinholes for airflow, and a permeable Zoned Blu-Tek™ cover for warm air release. We start with our foundation support layer, so the most functional part of the bed rests on a foundation specifically engineered for support and comfort. Next, the Progressive Support System™ is added. A channel-cut ProSupport™ layer sits below the accompanying ProSupport™ Plus layer, creating an industry-first solution to vertical and horizontal airflow and vertical zoning. Edge-to-edge sleep support is provided by a firm perimeter foam, and a lumbar support layer in the center third of the bed. Finally, the comfort layer is available in all the styles you want, including gel, visco, latex, gel/visco/latex combination, or luxurious foam.

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