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Tying a Room Together with Furniture Design

We all know the struggles of making a room match. We've all asked ourselves, "How do I make this sofa work with this table?" or "How do I decorate my living room to show off all my different styles?" It's certainly not an easy feat, especially when we finally unpack the dream furniture just to find it might not go together as well as we'd hoped. Or when we've finished decorating and realize it looks like it has multiple personalities. 

So, how do we solve this? Well, the good news is that you don't have to get rid of any furniture pieces. In fact, you just have to add some items that will tie them together. If you want to save your living space from one big clash, consider spicing up the walls with some simple décor items like art and mirrors. Another option is adding in accent furniture such as chairs to offset the other bold choices. If you feel you have too many mixed and matched patterns and colors, the classic neutral couch will always rise to the occasion and save the day. And, when in doubt, add an area rug for texture.

Experiment With a Neutral Sofa

You may ask whether it's important for a room to look cohesive, and the answer is yes. But, cohesive doesn't mean boring — and certainly doesn't mean all one color, pattern, or even style. When you go for cohesion, you go for complimentary colors and patterns, or even neutrals to offset the other pieces. In the case of a living room, you can actually use a neutral sofa as a grounding piece to help balance out fun, bold patterns and colors in the room. The Bernhardt Addison Casual Styled Sofa serves as an excellent neutral piece to pair with fun throw pillows and other cool textures. You can put different throw pillows and blankets on this sofa, and you can pair it with different textures and fabrics on other furniture pieces.

Bernhardt Addison sofa with two types of throw pillows.

Make the Space Pop With Accent Furniture

Believe it or not, accent furniture can help tie a room together as long as it is used sparingly. You don't want to pair too many bold items together. But, what you can do if you feel that you have too many plain pieces with different aesthetics or color tones is use the accent furniture to add more texture to the space. This Lexington Ariana Domain Hall Chest is perfect for a room with a combination of neutrals and bold colors. Look at how it ties the white chair to the wooden floor while not overpowering anything. This is also a great piece to pair with wall art.

Lexington Ariana Domain Hall Chest in a living room with a painting above it.

Utilize Wall Art Mirrors

Another way to tie a room together with texture? Hang up some cool wall art! Whether it's paintings, photography, murals, or even eclectic mirrors, it's important to utilize the wall space to create another link among furniture pieces for the sake of maintaining some sort of aesthetic. Plus, wall art offers an instant pop of color that will catch the viewer's eye. Make sure that the piece you select is something in tune with your own personal style! We recommend the Tommy Bahama Home Bali Hai Seabrook Landscape Mirror, which has a fun unique flair to it with a touch of elegance as well!

Tommy Bahama wall mirror with a tropical pattern wood frame.

Add in an Area Rug for Texture and Flair

Do your sofa and coffee table clash? Consider adding a large area rug to ground the space. Whether it's a bold color or pattern or something more simple, an area rug easily ties together furniture in a living room. Think of the area rug as the backdrop to different set pieces on stage. You might not get why all the pieces are there until you see the solid color background that helps everything blend together. An area rug does just that! Also, this piece can definitely give a space that textured treatment it needs to look complete. Experts say that the addition of texture can create a link among the pieces around the room, which will ultimately help you achieve the look you want. 

Tying a room together with furniture design isn't as hard as it looks! With just a few select pieces, you can definitely create the style you want and show off your home to all your family and friends without concern over a clash! For more, check out Baer's website or stop in at one of our 16 Florida locations. Shop Baer's today!