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How to Refresh Your Living Room Space in 3 Simple Steps

Getting bored with your living room area? Feeling that it’s getting a little stale? These are common concerns for the homeowner or long-term renter who hasn’t redecorated in a while. Maybe you just moved in or are looking for the most breathtaking living room possible.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are ways to help you create the most exquisite living room, with just a few strategic changes to your home décor. Whatever style your home is currently decorated in, from Boho or traditional, to modern or coastal, these simple tricks will help give your living room new life and take you from uninspired to exquisitely decorated — easily!

1. Add a New Light Source

Adding a new light source to your living room is a perfect way to revive the place from apathetic to lively.

A new light source can enhance the appearance of all your other furniture by quite literally showing it in a different light. Even your wall paint will look different when it's accented by a new source of light!

There are a variety of lights you can choose from, like new ceiling lights to minor desk lights. For this article, we’re going to focus on living room lamps, which are big, illuminate the whole space, and can be switched out as needed.

Place your new living room lamp in a strategic location, perhaps next to your sofa, so it illuminates the entire room and transforms your whole living room area. Experiment with different tints of light to create different moods. Pick a tint color that looks good with your other furniture and wall color, and away you go.

If you're looking for a minor change to your living room that can have a big impact, be certain to experiment with a lighting change to revitalize the mood.

2. Add a Piece of Accent Furniture

Adding a piece of new furniture is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your living room. You don't need to replace your entire room to make everything feel new again.

Add a piece of accent furniture as a center or side piece to accentuate the appearance of your living room area. This piece of furniture should be striking and capture the eye. Take the Bernhardt Candace Swivel Chair, a perfect accent piece for your home. This chair is elegant, stylish, and white, so it goes with a variety of wallpaper patterns, paint colors, and other furniture. Be sure to include a piece like this in your living room as a focal point.

Candace swivel chair.

Alternatively, something like Carol Benson-Cobb's Four-Door Credenza is a strong accent piece, with a striking appearance that draws the eye. Use accent pieces like this to totally transform the look of your living room. Be certain to make sure that the accent piece matches your other furniture and your wallpaper color, of course.

Four-door metallic credenza with two lamps on it.

3. Turn Your Living Room into a Lounge

One of the best ways to revitalize a living room is to transform it into a true lounge. This can be done by opening up the space and adding lounge-style furniture.

Start by moving any obstructive furniture into an open-concept floor plan, removing dark window treatments, and creating space for conversation.

Now, you need to add some lounge-style furniture. For example, the Natuzzi Editions Intenso Power Reclining Leather Sectional. This piece of furniture is inviting and leisurely, and it fits in with a lounge-style living room area perfectly. You want furniture that opens the space up and makes it seem like a more relaxing place. Transforming your living room into a lounge is an excellent way to refresh your living room.

Gray leather sectional in a living room.

Be sure to check out the premium collections at Baer’s for all your furniture and decoration needs. Baer’s has showrooms all over Florida. Find one of our furniture stores near you.