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Does Florida Have Its Own Decorating Style?

People who have never been to the Sunshine State may be unaware of Florida’s unique culture, style, and overall vibe. Outsiders often view our state as sand, ocean, and an endless row of hotels wrapping the inland — they may also throw in a few mental images of alligators and theme parks for good measure. But those who know Florida recognize that there is a beating heart that drives all of the fun and entertainment. There’s a style that permeates everything. 

Baer’s Furniture has been the go-to Florida furniture retailer for over seven decades. Our celebrated design team has been an integral part of developing Florida’s distinctive style. In our opinion, Florida does have its own decorative style, and it’s one we are extremely proud of.

Florida Decorating Style Celebrates the Beach

With 1350 miles of shoreline, Florida is second only to Alaska in terms of waterfront property. This may be why coastal design is so popular in the Sunshine State. Coastal interiors are extremely common in beach houses, ocean condos, hotels, and restaurants. Coastal themes are ideal for the Florida lifestyle because they’re cool and casual. Imagine the type of room you’d want to walk into after a day on a boat, lying on a beach, or swimming in the surf.

Florida's coastal design incorporates soft whites and light blues to emulate the sky and ocean. Consider this version of the Tanner Customizable Sofa by Lexington. The off-white upholstery is the color of beach sand, while the blue in the throw pillows (included) puts one in the mind of deep ocean waters.

Stunning fabric sofa with two blue tropical throw pillows.

Florida Design Has a Taste of the Tropics

It’s easy to forget that most of the Sunshine State is designated as either tropical or subtropical. One only has to visit some of the state and national parks to see that these are apt designations. It’s no wonder that tropical style is such a huge part of the Florida decorative scene. 

Baer’s is the number one distributor of Tommy Bahama Home furniture, and Florida tropical design plays a dominant role in their creations. Check out this gorgeous tropical bedroom featuring the Round Hill Bed with Woven Rattan Panels. While the bed itself could fit into many tropical bedrooms, the overall theme of the space has the lighter tones of the Florida tropical theme.

Rattan bed in tropical bedroom setting.

Florida Décor Celebrates Its Roots

If you drive through downtown Miami, Tampa, or Sarasota, you could never tell that Florida was one of the first states to be settled by colonists. While there are few large buildings that even date back to the mid-20th century, there are a number of homes that are approaching 150 to 200 years old. Consequently, traditional décor is important to Florida’s design style — particularly in older communities. Traditional décor is often enmeshed with other popular Florida themes like tropical, coastal, and modern farmhouse (which we will get to shortly) to create a distinctive style. 

This room exudes Florida style with its large arched window, crisp white walls, and light wood floors. The furniture features pieces from Aspenhome’s Sinclair Collection, including the commanding Traditional Executive Desk.

Stunning office featuring a dark wooden desk.

While agriculture is no longer the dominant industry in the state, it’s still a significant part of the Florida economy. As a hat tip to this vital part of the state’s lifeblood, Florida design often includes elements of Modern Farmhouse. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine this Sonoma Farmhouse Counter Height Table with Wine Bottle Storage from Panama Jack in a Florida home.

Two-toned whitewashed and wood table and chairs in a modern kitchen.

Florida Design is Now

Florida is a state with a booming economy, and new home construction is a constant. Go to any large city in the state, and you’ll see dozens of high-rises under construction. Sprawling new developments are replacing vast lots across the state.

These newer homes have sparked a fervent interest in contemporary design. Because true contemporary design is ever-evolving, design aficionados in Florida cannot seem to get enough of it. Bernhardt is a company that has truly embraced contemporary design evolution, and they are always pushing the envelope with bold new offerings like this 5-Piece Dining Set for the Silhouette Collection.

Contemporary off-white five-piece dining set.

Baer’s is Florida’s Furniture Design Authority

If you’re seeking Florida décor, Baer’s Furniture is the place to go. With 16 furniture stores throughout the state, we have dozens of trained furniture experts on hand and millions of square footage of in-stock display items. If you are seeking a truly authentic Florida furniture shopping experience, go to your local Baer’s Furniture today!