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5 Design Trends to Help You Bring Nature Indoors

As a Florida-based furniture chain, Baer’s Furniture is fortunate to be surrounded by lush tropical greenery, beautiful blue waters, and white sandy beaches.

However, even with our year-round warm weather and celebrated outdoor activities, we recognize that most of our lives are still indoors. It’s one of the primary reasons we’re in the furniture business. And with so many popular interior décor trends celebrating nature, we see spending time indoors as a joy rather than a necessity.

5 Design Trends That Bring Nature Inside

Florida architecture is often designed to let in the sun, but the rest is up to you. Here are some of the design trends that invite nature indoors.

1. Tropical

A well-appointed tropical space will incorporate real or faux foliage, bright floral colors, and lots of green. That’s not to say you want to overwhelm your space to create a literal jungle. Instead, consider your space a colonial refuge in the middle of an otherwise untamed tropical region.

Furniture should primarily use natural materials, like rattan and bamboo, and accessories should have natural colors. For example, this living room area features the Tommy Bahama Home Bali Hai Diamond Cove Swivel Chairs. With bamboo and wicker accents, these pieces check all of the boxes.

Beautiful rattan easy chairs with light-blue fabric cushions.

2. Coastal

If you love the cool flow of the ocean, then this may be perfect for your indoor living space. The color palette is light and muted for a relaxed vibe, and the furniture tends to have lots of exposed white-washed or natural wood. 

This gorgeous dining area featuring the Hidden Lake Bistro Table and Merrick Swivel Counter Stools is a prime example of coastal décor. The maximum exposure of this Florida-styled space is ideal for this theme.

Industrial farmhouse table with metal top and counter-height stools.

3. Bohemian

If you are a little bit of a free spirit, you might enjoy Bohemian décor. Bohemian is an eclectic style that allows you to mix and match pieces. While Bohemian has limited rules, it should contain multiple elements, including plants in decorative pots or planters.

4. Rustic

Not all natural style trends have to involve the heavy influence of plants — although incorporating plants can add dimension to this decorative theme. Rustic décor incorporates natural elements in a different way. Unfinished wood and rough-hewn iron provide an earthy feel that puts one in the mind of nature. 

The Carmel Bay Rustic Bedroom Set is a good example of the type of high-quality wooden furniture with metal accents that feels at home in a rustic living space.

Fashionable transitional bedroom with padded bed headboard.

5. Biophilic

The biophilic design fosters an indoor-outdoor connection by decorating with natural elements. It uses plants as one of the primary design elements. If you’re a lover of plants, you should incorporate biophilic design elements into your home. The best part of this design principle is that you can incorporate it with nearly any other decorative discipline. The biophilic style also advocates allowing natural light to enter through unfiltered windows and allowing outdoor greenery to be seen from indoors.

Bamboo and rattan canopy bed in a tropical bedroom.

This bedroom featuring the Tommy Bahama Home Island West Indies Canopy Bed demonstrates many of the elements of a Biophilic space. For instance, there are several potted plants in view, the wall art celebrates plant life, and the pillow shams have a natural floral pattern.

Tips for Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home

These tips will help you spruce up your home with natural elements.

  • Use plenty of plants, but not only plants – Plants are closely related to nature, but they aren’t all of nature. Animal print patterns or accessories can also add a connection to nature.

  • Wood, metal, leather, and rattan – These are natural elements. Avoid synthetic materials. Even too much glass can clash with the natural aesthetic of a room.

  • Work from a color palette – Matching colors with nature can be a daunting task. Leave it to the experts to find a color palette for your decorative scheme. If you search for “[insert your style] color palette,” you’ll find a color palette you like.

  • Use art and accessories – Tie your natural theme together with art and accessories. There are many amazing pieces that celebrate specific aspects of nature.

High-Quality Furniture in Florida

If you have any questions or need guidance about your decorative choices, stop in at a local Baer’s Furniture store. With thousands of in-stock items and a knowledgeable sales staff, you’ll have no trouble finding the pieces you need to perfect your interior design. Shop Baer’s today!