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Is Custom Upholstery the Safest Bet in Town?

Few things are a greater disappointment than buying a piece of furniture that looks incredible in the showroom, only to find out on the delivery day that it doesn’t look quite right in your living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. 

Customization tools allow you to try out different features on a furniture piece and change them around until you find the optimal look and decide to place your order. The Baer’s Furniture customization tool allows you to combine dozens of styles with hundreds of upholstery colors and features. You can start with a basic template and, with a few modifications, create a truly unique piece for your home.

Benefits of Using a Customization Tool to Tailor Your Furniture to Your Space

Creating customized furniture has several advantages over buying furniture the traditional way of selecting from a display model or from a website. That’s not to say that these tried and true methods are obsolete. Many Baer’s Furniture customers benefit from the experience of talking to a furniture consultant in one of our 16 Florida showrooms. Our floor staff is well-versed in the customization tool and can help guide you in your options. 

Here are some of the additional benefits of working with our customization tool.

There are Endless Possibilities

Consider an elegant piece like the Tommy Bahama Home Twin Palms Koko Sofa. In this coastal setting, the two-tone seat cushions and fabric tie together all of the elements in the room.

Two-tone fabric sofa in living room.

But what if you wanted a statement piece that would fit well in a bright, tropical space? With a few modifications, you could also choose the same sofa in a single-fabric tropical flower print.

Floral print sofa

This particular sofa allows users to select from hundreds of fabric designs for the sofa, seat cushions, and throw pillows (included) and to choose from dozens of wood colors for the legs and several nailhead colors and trim options. This literally yields millions of combinations.

You Can Make Your Space Undeniably Unique

With so many choices, the odds of a friend, family member, or neighbor randomly selecting the exact same options are infinitesimally small. And if they do copy your sofa exactly, you’ll know yours is the original. After all, isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery? One of our most popular items is the Bali Hai Diamond Cove Swivel Chair, seen here in a popular light blue color. Because Baer’s is the number one Tommy Bahama Home furniture retailer, there might be a decent chance that you will not be the only person in your social circle that owns one or two of these gorgeous chairs.  

Rattan chairs in living room setting.

But with hundreds of fabric options, you can change the chair into something that might better fit your color scheme and personal sense of taste. The Diamond Cove Swivel Chair also comes with multiple filler options for the back and seat cushions.

Wicker chair with striped cushions.

The Customization Tool Allows You to Build Piecemeal

If you aren’t ready to replace all of the furniture in a room, you might be concerned that you will never be able to find an exact match in the future. Product lines are frequently discontinued by manufacturers. With the Baer’s customization tool, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Consider the possibility that you want to purchase the Barclay Butera Horizon Sofa.

Minimalist sofa with a checkered pattern.

At some point after delivery, you move to a new home with a much bigger space and want matching seating. When you use our customization tool, the downloadable PDF has all of the specs from the piece. Even if that specific line becomes unavailable, you can customize another piece using the same features from the download!

Miniature version of sofa with specs.

How to Use the Customization Tool

Here’s how you can start creating your own furniture pieces. Warning: creating your own furniture designs can be habit-forming.

  • Go to the Baer’s customization page for the item.

  • Choose the category that you want to shop in: sofas, chairs, leathers, etc. 

  • Find the product you are interested in. 

  • Click the “CUSTOMIZE IN 3D” button located below the image of the item. 

  • Choose different options and allow a few seconds for the image to update. 

  • When you create the perfect furniture piece, click “Download Configuration.”

Order your piece online or bring your PDF download to a Baer’s Furniture showroom for a second opinion. With hundreds of individual display items throughout our stores, Baer’s Furniture is the number one destination for both bespoke and designer furniture. Shop Baer’s today!