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Want Some Leather & Metal in Your Home? Introducing Industrial-Tropical

Are you a Northern transplant to Florida who misses the industrial décor trend that was sweeping the town you moved from? Tropical Industrial may be for you!

The look is a decorating sensation that has cropped up in Florida but is starting to gain national appeal. This Industrial-Tropical trend is primarily inspired by the vast factories of the late 19th century and early 20th century as well as the thorough exploration of the tropics that marked the same period. Read on to learn about the hallmarks of this décor style, and how you can adapt your home to get the look.

Exposed Wood or Metal or Brick

One of the tricks commonly used to create a Tropical-Industrial look is the combination of classically industrial elements like leather, iron, and heavier woods with tropical elements, like rattan, bamboo, animal prints, and vivid tropical colors. So, instead of decorating your space like the floor of a factory, you might consider what the executive offices would look like. Constrained by industrial architecture, the décor is reminiscent of warmer climes, lush greenery, and exotic animals.

Take, for example, this Canadel Champlain Buffet. Its characterized finish is a large part of what gives it an industrial quality.



Another important component of the industrial look is austerity. Simply put, this is barrenness and simplicity taken to their logical extreme. Plain-looking furniture, straight lines, simple colors, and the like can be used to create an industrial look in your home. This isn't to say that the industrial look is boring — far from it.

Industrial style is dynamic and can be done in various ways, with the relative austerity of the look being one of the only mainstays. Look at these Rustic Industrial Nesting End Tables from Coast to Coast and notice their relatively simple, businesslike nature. They consist of straight lines and are relatively minimalistic in design. The metal is blackened, and the wood is natural, which also contributes to the industrial look of the whole piece.



Speaking of patina, it is an essential part of the industrial style in a home. Patina is the film that forms on various surfaces after the oxidation process has taken its toll on the material. As it forms with time, patina is seen as a form of character gained by resilient pieces of furniture in an industrially decorated home. Consequently, it is a dearly sought-after feature for decorations in such dwellings.

Natural Materials

The Industrial Era was a time when things were built to last, but they weren't frilly. Consequently, unfinished wood, metal, and leather are all hallmarks of this age. No industrial space is complete without some darker leather. The Natuzzi Editions B806 2-Seat Sofa fits that bill. It's beautiful and comfortable, but also basic and raw.


Another excellent example of the natural materials concept is the Lexington Oyster Bay Hidden Lake Bistro Table. It has a burnished stainless steel top and metal features that give it the built-to-last look.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Industrial Look

We will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about adding the industrial look to your home.

Do I Have to Redecorate My Whole Home in the Industrial Style?

No, of course not. There's no reason why you should have to redecorate your whole home in industrial style. You can always use just one or two industrial look pieces. However, we do have to say that as the industrial look is a minimalistic decorating style, it will not work with a lot of other decorating styles.

Having a traditionally decorated home and then just adding on a patina-rich lamp or something similar will not create an industrial look at all, because austerity is a strong hallmark of the style. A much better choice than trying to decorate your home in a partially industrial way is to simply pick a room and make that room industrial while keeping the rest in your chosen decorating style. Have a garage that is not in use? This is a great place to test out industrial style!

I Don't Like the Dirty Appearance of Some of Industrial Decorations. What Should I Do?

Don't try to decorate your home in industrial style if you don't like it. A significant component of the industrial style is specifically making things appear as if a person doesn't live there or care for the materials. This is a relatively low-maintenance decorating style, but it isn't for everyone.

Can I Use Repurposed or Recycled Materials to Create the Industrial Look?

Absolutely! Repurposed and recycled materials are perfectly suited to the foundation of what industrial is all about. In many ways, it is about the use of unconventional living spaces that seem better suited to old sewing machines than people. Using repurposed materials gives your industrial space even more authenticity because the materials are genuine. (Pro tip: make sure that you know the provenance of the materials or you could inadvertently import parasitic flora or fauna into your home.)

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