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How Accent Furniture Can Completely Transform Your Space

Do you ever finish decorating a room in your home and then realize it seems a little unfinished? As if there's something missing? Maybe the room looks a little bland, and you need that pop of color to liven the space up. Perhaps the aesthetic isn’t quite what you hoped, and you need a piece of furniture that will really level up the look. This is a common occurrence in interior design, but the answer is often pretty simple: an accent piece.

What Is Accent Furniture?

Accent furniture is primarily used for aesthetics, but it must be functional as well. Its primary role is to add color, texture, and drama to the interior décor. Accent pieces stand out, and are designed to complement the other furniture, as well as transform the room and personalize the space. It can change the entire mood of the space from boring to interesting, cold to warm, etc.

Why is it Necessary?

Think of these types of pieces as accessories to your living space rather than necessities. Some of the most fashionable clothing outfits aren’t complete without the perfect accessories, like a pair of boots or a belt. Believe it or not, furniture is no different! You may not think you need a green loveseat in your living room, but its color and patterns complement the other furniture and brighten up the space. Accents are the ultimate décor game changers that will help add personality and charm to your room.

Here's How To Use Accent Pieces To Change Your Space

Remember: accent furniture isn’t essential to a room’s function, therefore it shouldn’t be the focal point. However, it is crucial from a design standpoint. Consider this living room space featuring the Domaine Hall Chest from Lexingon's Ariana Collection. Not only is this a completely functional piece with a marble top and adjustable shelves, but the panels on the doors add depth and texture to the room.

Wooden chest in living room setting.

Add a Splash of Color

Color is one of the most important elements that accents can bring to a space. We often recommend the 60-30-10 rule when decorating an interior space — 60% devoted to the main color, 30% to the secondary color, and 10% to the accent color. It’s important to set up a color scheme for your house and adhere to it in your decorating process.

The accent color should always be the nonessential furniture pieces in the space, such as artwork, an armchair, throw pillows, lamps, etc. Look at the way this Loose Back Wicker Rum Beach Chair with fully customizable cushions adds brilliant color to this space.

Dark wicker chair in living room setting.

Style Up the Space

So, you’ve selected your colors. Now what? Let’s talk about style and how you can add that extra bit of flair to the room. You’ll want to define your own personal style and vision and look for items that fit best. Perhaps you love a French classic look! Or maybe you want something rustic for your dining room, in which case you could look into this Lexington Oyster Bay Oakdale Buffet, which has lovely distressed wood that isn’t too harsh and fits perfectly into a classy yet eclectic dining space.

Light wood buffet in a living room setting.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary in your living room, check out this Bernhardt Arctic Solid Acrylic Top Cocktail Table! Notice how the pattern at the top looks like ice and gives the space a beautiful fresh crisp vibe. Not to mention, the stainless steel base complements the more muted furniture with its shine.

Gorgeous modern living room featuring the Arctic Cocktail Table.

Add Texture To The Space

When thinking of texture, look into furniture that has patterns, unique geometry, a distressed surface, or shapes carved into relief. This transforms your space into something multidimensional and engaging. In your selection process, you’ll want to conduct your research similar to that of the colors — only pick textures that complement the space. You don’t want to clash too many patterns, as it will overwhelm the viewer. If you’re looking to add texture to a more modern space, consider this Hooker Furniture Big Bang Entertainment Console for your living room. Its metallic and sharp geometric pattern carved into relief perfectly enhances more light monochromatic spaces such as this one and adds a bit of shine as well.

Living room with a gold-colored console featuring a large starburst pattern under the TV.

Accents help give your space personality and can also serve as a form of your own self-expression throughout your home! If you’re looking for the right accent furniture pieces to amplify your home’s interior, visit a Baer's Furniture location near you.