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Consulate by Century

Collection Description

Consulate is inspired by the neoclassical furniture designs following the French Revolution, incorporating elements of Empire, Charles X, Louis XVI, Directoire and Biedermeier design. If the history behind Consulate is a tapestry of power and passion, so too are the collection's textures and colors. Crafted mostly in walnut, this furniture features intricate veneering, carved details, and a mix of such contrasting materials as marble, cast stone, iron and leather. And the finishes, from shimmering gold to vibrant crimson, speak volumes about the glories of the crown. Make no mistake, this furniture is as relevant today as it was in the time of Napoleon and Josephine. It creates a sense of order and harmony, which is very reassuring in a chaotic world. It's quite chameleon-like. It goes with anything, whether it's a nineteenth century room or a very modern one. Yet the designs in this collection are not shy or retiring in any way. They are powerful, passionate "statement pieces." And power and passion never go out of vogue...for those who make them a priority.

Consulate Features

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